We support you in the planning and carrying out of your projects!

We are there by your partner for the following technology in working with wood and synthetic materials:

  • Cast model building e.g. any different building types / difficulties
  • Models and Forms
  • Prototypes
  • Gauge construction
  • Design and viewing models
  • Tool making e.g. thermal conversion / embossing
  • GFRP / CFRP (fibesglass- / carbonfiber plastic) e.g. model building for GFRP / CFRP - forms and parts
  • CAD - Contruction
  • CAM - Programming
  • CNC - 3-Axis-Milling (X/Y/Z: 1700/1500/650mm)
  • CAQ - 3-D Coordinate measuring machine (X/Y/Z: 3200/1000/1150mm)